Church lighting

Solar panel lighting systems designed for churches, their car parks and pathways provide easy access for parishioners after dark. This simple installation provides safety in the event of uneven ground around the parish church or community hall entrances.
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We are always pleased to assist in the deliberation process or maybe you require a specific bespoke design. You can contact us by return and we will give your enquiry for the areas outside of your church pathways lighting our full attention.

Church solar lighting
Church lighting systems

Marina lighting

With our low profile LED solar powered lighting. It is possible to enhance the surroundings after dark.

Making Yacht clubs and area’s such as boat marinas pleasant to walk through during the darkest hours of evening.

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Marina solar lights
Marina solar powered path lighting systems

The moon and sun’s energy

As time goes by the moon will reach out across our oceans.
The powers of these waters are in the hands of our nearest planet
As our earth sits on an axis of virtual symmetry generating heat while revolving around the sun we should understand the need to capture nature’s natural elements around us to preserve our future.
Take a look at the nearest city or town from a hill top at night
Consider the light pollution contribution and then you can understand how every day we waist so much of that energy. Lights take more out of the grid than anything else.Solar path lights
Solar powered street lights may be the solution.
Dragons Breath Solar has the answer…….
Thank you for reading my blog…………JR

The moon and Sun

The moon always rises as the sun set’s.

This provides power to our street lights freely every day

Lighting systems that can be used where safety is paramount, for areas where the digging of ground to lay high voltage cables may be prohibitive.
Walk after-dark safely using our all new solar powered lighting systems, designed and assembled in the UK.

We offer bespoke solar street lighting solution’s that can be used for security in remote applications, such as:
car parks, walkways, schools, driveways & bridal paths, lanes and avenues, farms, golf clubs, allotments, moorings and marinas, hot tubs, swimming pools.
12w and 18w LED dusk till dawn specifications.

low voltage level park lighting
Bespoke park and play area solar powered lighting systems

Solar Street lights UK

Dragons Breath Solar are here to help in areas where lighting has been restricted due to road, kerb and path layouts. Offering an alternative method of street lighting where mains cables could be a thing of the past. An ideal product for new build development projects in areas where land may be prone to high water levels or car parks that require illumination.